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How is Drone AI revolutionizing the construction industry?

The emergence of new technologies is changing the landscape of construction. Drones and artificial intelligence are one such revolutionizing technology. Drone AI is a technology helping the construction sector to be more efficient, innovative, and safer.

Drones are capturing high-definition pictures of construction sites, at 5x more speed than traditional methods. On the other hand, the use of AI helps construction managers to prioritize tasks that require quick attention.

Moreover, these also help the teams to find the best possible solutions for their problems.

Significant growth of drone usage in the construction industry.

The construction industry is now experiencing a 239% growth in the usage of drones. Aerial perspective and tremendous data collecting abilities make drone AI a viable tool in the construction sector. This technology has been adding more benefits to construction management. These benefits include:

  • Remote monitoring 
  • On-site performance 
  • Land surveys 
  • Efficient imagery 
  • Massive construction site data take from different angles 
  • Enhanced accuracy

Drones can also significantly cut your construction surveys and surveillance costs, time, and risk. All these things lead drones to directly impact the improvement of a construction lifecycle.

Drone AI can help in different construction stages.

Even though drones aren’t new in the construction industry. However, the majority of construction companies are now adopting the technology at a faster rate than ever before. It is because drones, combined with artificial intelligence, are making the overall construction cycle more efficient, safer, and cost-effective. 

In particular, videos and images captured by drones AI can scope out the projects. AI tools can help efficiently track construction progress and provide updates in real-time. 

Growth and benefits of drone AI in the construction industry 

Here we have enlisted some of the most common ways in which AI is helping the construction industry:

  • Cost and time-saving solution
    Drone surveys can survey acres of land within 30 minutes. These can help in saving 20x the costs required to create topographic maps.
  • Better progressive reports and remote construction monitoring
    AI drones can help direct and guide construction vehicles due to their AI capabilities.
    Drone AI has also improved collaborations by 65%. It helps capture real-time data and provides intelligence and progressive reports for more clarity.
  • Increased safety in construction fields
    Moreover, Drone AI has also improved workforce safety at construction sites by 55%. It is because the technology helps take measurements of potentially inaccessible areas on human resources’ behalf. Also, it efficiently monitors accidents and falls at construction sites.
  • Reduced material wastage
    Proper material utilization is highly important to maintain the optimum profitability of construction companies. Drone AI can help construction managers access the number of materials available in the field and their usability status. This approach will surely play a vital role in reducing material wastage and improving workflow consistency.

Whether you are capturing aerial footage or flying it around a construction site, drone AI offers new possibilities in the construction industry. Over the last decade, drones have become a significant construction trend for multiple reasons.

An overview of what drone-assisted land surveying & AI-assisted analysis looks like, 

  • Drone-based land surveys can be conducted in one-third the time of traditional means 
  • Costs 1/3rd the price of the traditional approach 
  • Capture 6+ layers of topographical data in one flight 
  • Captures the natural and man-made structures in the land parcel 
  • CV can visualize your land in 2D & 3D 
  • Avoid the cost and time of commuting 

Interested in land survey leveraging drone-assisted photogrammetry? 

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