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HUVIAiR Capture app for iPhone and iPad

We’re proud to announce the launch of our HUVIAiR Capture App on iOS. The HUVIAiR Capture app is used to upload visual data to the CONSTRA platform. 

The app enables seamless connect with 360 cameras and drones to create high definition virtual tours and drone maps of your under construction site. These are used for viewing and analysis on our flagship product HUVIAiR CONSTRA. The app removes the need for strenuous site visits and micro-management, especially for senior management in real estate companies, PMCs and contractors.

The Capture app is an essential tool for the management of Construction Sites. Some of it’s features include,

  • Seamlessly create 3D tours of interiors.
  • Record, delegate and manage snags and punch list items from across all your construction sites in one place
  • Capture, share and manage all the visuals from your construction sites 

 HUVIAiR Capture - iOS Get the HUVIAiR Capture App here.    Try it out today and let us know your suggestions. 

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