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Visual intelligence for Solar and Wind power projects

We create a digital twin of your project site – so you can visually monitor project, accurately measure progress, automate reports, improve efficiency, safety, and unlock cost savings.

Solar Wind

New age energy systems, deserve a new-age visual intelligence platform!

We leverage the new-age technologies like drones, 360-camera, photogrammetry and computer vision to help you manage your solar and wind power projects – effectively and remotely.

Visualize your project site, monitor progress, collaborate with stakeholders, manage snags and more.

CONSTRA Advantage


  • Limited Project Management Capabilities
  • Delay in Project Completion
  • Cost Overruns
  • Poor Quality Control
  • Limited Visibility to Project Progress

Business Transformation

  • Remote Visual Monitoring
  • Visual-driven Snag Management
  • Improved Efficiency & Collaboration
  • Real-time Project Progress Tracking
  • Improved Decision Making

Results Achieved

20% reduction in Project Cost

Achieve 20% reduction in overall Project Cost & Material Wastage

60% Progress & Quality checks done remotely

Conduct more than 60% of progress & quality checks remotely

75% increase in Productivity

Achieve 75% increase in productivity with remote safety audits of CONSTRA

30% reduction in Contractor’s Bill

Save up to 30% on Contractor’s Bill with remote audit of completed work

50% lesser Land Scout visits

Reduce land scout visits by up to 50% resulting in 70% of cost reduction

80% reduced Site Visits for senior management

Achieve up to 80% reduced site visits of senior management

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