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Redefining Public Infrastructure Excellence

Delivering Visual Intelligence for remote monitoring & management of roads, bridges, metro, & railways projects to drive transparency, better collaboration, and efficient operations.

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Build Smarter, Together!

At CONSTRA, we believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to transform the public infrastructure sector. Our commitment to innovation drives us to leverage the potential of visual intelligence technologies, revolutionizing the way roads, bridges, metro systems, and railways are designed, constructed, and maintained.

By integrating advanced computer vision, machine learning, and image processing techniques, CONSTRA brings a new level of efficiency and precision to infrastructure development. Our visual intelligence technologies enable us to accurately assess and analyze project sites, identify potential challenges, optimize planning processes, and streamline decision-making.

CONSTRA Advantage


  • Limited Project Management Capabilities
  • Delay in Project Completion
  • Cost Overruns
  • Poor Quality Control
  • Limited Visibility to Project Progress

Business Transformation

  • Remote Visual Monitoring
  • Visual-driven Snag Management
  • Improved Efficiency & Collaboration
  • Real-time Project Progress Tracking
  • Improved Decision Making

Results Achieved

20% reduction in Project Cost

Achieve 20% reduction in overall Project Cost & Material Wastage

60% Progress & Quality checks done remotely

Conduct more than 60% of progress & quality checks remotely

75% increase in Productivity

Achieve 75% increase in productivity with remote safety audits of CONSTRA

30% reduction in Contractor’s Bill

Save up to 30% on Contractor’s Bill with remote audit of completed work

50% lesser Land Scout visits

Reduce land scout visits by up to 50% resulting in 70% of cost reduction

80% reduced Site Visits for senior management

Achieve up to 80% reduced site visits of senior management

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