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Merits of drone land survey in construction

Drone land surveys are safer and more effective surveys. Surveying with drones can offer numerous potentials to professionals. Drone land surveys help professionals to carry out the same quality topographic surveys. 

These can also let you collect accurate measurements just like other traditional methods but more safely. Most importantly, a drone land survey takes just a fraction of the time to provide your survey’s information. This type of survey can also reduce the workload of professional land surveyors. 

Significance of drone land survey in construction

As we have touched upon the subject, drone land survey in construction offers multiple benefits. From quick data collection to higher accuracy in results, drone land surveys can benefit in multiple ways. 

Let’s get to know about these merits below:

The Computer Vision advantage 

In the modern process of Land Surveying, a drone captures high-resolution images and videos. The visual inputs (images & videos) are then uploaded onto the computer vision application for processing. 

Computer vision refers to a set of technologies that enable systems to derive meaningful information and insights from visual input streams like images and videos. Computer Vision can vastly improve the scope, efficiency, and timeliness of pre-construction surveys. Multitude of benefits

There are several benefits to employing Computer Vision for pre-construction land surveys. An obvious advantage is that images reveal far more details and attributes for analysis. A few more are listed below. 

  • Survey in a few hours – The actual survey will take only a few hours. 
  • 6+ layers of data captured – In one drone flight, you can capture more than 6 layers of data 
  • Stream Flow Resemblance – The survey can help you simulate rainwater flow and flooding within, and around your site. This is insightful for designing drainage and rainwater harvesting systems
  • Contour Mapping – A computer vision-aided platform can visualize the shape and surface of the land. It helps architects to know the exact area in which they are planning to construct
  • 3D Modelling – 3D visualization of the site that helps you to know all the details, otherwise missing in a map – like trees, poles, garbage dumps, man-made temporary sheds/tents/bunds etc.

Reduced survey costs

Some construction sites require extensive surveys. Traditionally, surveying square footage can take days or even weeks to compile essential information of the survey. Even hiring multiple surveyors can make you look at wasting time and more cost. 

Fortunately, a drone land survey is a more cost-effective and time-saving solution you can consider. Drones can collect survey results 5x quicker than manual surveys and can let you save more bucks also.

Easier and safe roof surveys 

Moreover, drone surveys can make repeatable roof surveys quicker, easier, and safer. Drone surveys can make inaccessible roof edges easily accessible. A drone survey can make it easier and straightforward to get up there and take measurements. 

No excess equipment is required for surveys. 

During a traditional land survey in construction, multiple specialists and specialized equipment are required. Fortunately, drone land survey has reduced the need for manpower and other specialized equipment to perform this function. Using drones, you can easily bypass the extra costs of manpower and excess requirements for surveys. 

Accurate survey results. 

A series of HD images are captured from different angles during a drone land survey. This enables you to get numerous accurate data points. You can use these captured images to create more accurate 3D models of your construction project. Above all, you can also extrude highly accurate volumetric measurements and accurate distances from drone land survey data.

Moreover, you can easily present drone data in different formats. This way, you can add every minute detail that you can miss otherwise. 

Map even inaccessible areas 

A mapping drone can easily take off and survey anywhere. This survey type has enhanced the accessibility of construction sites safely. With a drone survey, no site of your construction project is inaccessible anymore. So, with this surveying technique, you can easily reach areas unsuitable for other conventional measuring practices. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to stop the construction site’s operations during a drone land survey. 

Drones have become a powerful tool and are being used increasingly within the surveying and construction industry. With the advances in technology, drones in land surveys give a bird’s eye view. A drone land survey offers numerous benefits in the construction industry. So, never wonder why the tool has been harnessed by the construction industry globally. 

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