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Coca Cola leverages CONSTRA for ESG goals

CONSTRA provides new-age technology solutions for ambitious sustainability projects!

Coca Cola has a very ambitious Water Conservation plan in the INSWA region. Watch this video to see how CONSTRA is helping Coca Cola along its mission.



The detailed story.

For Coca Cola, India and South West Asia (INSWA) is a region of priority. As as part of their ESG program, they have set a very ambitious goal – to improve  the health of hundreds of watersheds across this vast and vibrant region.

An ambitious goal like this demands meticulous planning and disciplined execution. Also, leveraging the right set of technologies is crucial to being efficient and create an impact on a large scale.

For these reasons, they chose CONSTRA as the technology partner.

CONSTRA is a visual intelligence platform. It uses drones, photogrammetry, computer vision and AI/ML technologies to derive insights from pictures, and conduct complex mathematical computation on them.

Together, we have embarked on a four-step plan to achieve our water conservation goals.

A Novel Framework

  1. Scout & Analyse Watersheds
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Plan & Build Recharge Structure
  4. Measure impact


The first step is to scout a large number of watersheds. We used specialized drones to capture high resolution images and process them on CONSTRA to generate 6 GIS layers of topographical data of the watersheds and its immediate surroundings. This includes high resolution Orthomosaics, digital elevation models, contours, streamflow simulations and 3D models.

The next step is to visually analyse each watershed with great technical detail. We inspect the terrain in 3D, its contours, and its surface models. We calculate the area of the watershed, its perimeter, and surrounding vegetation.

We even simulate the stream-flow to determine the natural path of inflow and outflow of rainwater. These insights help us in planning the right intervention for maximum impact

In the plan and build phase, based on the technical insights, Coca Cola and its partners create minimal intervention structures in the form of check-dams, bunds, ponds and recharge wells. These interventions are designed to increase the inflow and storage of water

After the intervention, the last step is to measure the impact. Again, we leverage drone technologies to capture topographical data. This time, we are able to measure the quantity of new water collected, growth in vegetation and the prevention of soil erosion.

The framework has saved time, increased planning ability, enabling remote project management, and significantly reduced the travel to project sites.

Benefits of leveraging CONSTRA,

  • 91% time saved (scout and evaluate)
  • 20% increase in planning ability
  • 80% reduction in travel
  • 95% remote project checks

Now, isn’t that interesting?

Do you want to explore how CONSTRA works?



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