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Scouting Video with Drone track

Revolutionizing Land Scouting in Australia

Australia has a thriving real estate market, but scouting for an ideal land parcel for your business can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Traditional land scouting methods, such as manual surveys and site inspections, come with several challenges:

Time-consuming and error-prone: Traditional land scouting methods take weeks or even months to complete and often rely on human interpretation and judgment, which are prone to errors and lead to inaccuracies.

Lack of visual representation: Traditional methods do not provide a clear visual representation of the site, which makes it difficult to plan and prepare for construction.

High costs: Traditional land surveying is expensive, as it requires a large team of skilled laborers, specialized equipment, and transportation.

Recent studies have shown that the traditional manual methods of land scouting take up to several weeks to complete for a 50-acre parcel. Moreover, the lack of visualization of the site often leads to inaccurate data and longer decision-making processes.

According to a recent study, 56% of land surveyors in Australia reported an increase in project delays due to traditional land scouter methods. This inefficiency leads to a loss of time and also incurs a significant financial burden for businesses and government bodies alike.

To address these challenges, the latest advancements in technology have paved the way for new solutions such as drone-based scouting using photogrammetry and visual intelligence technologies.

One such solution is CONSTRA Scouter, which is changing the face of land scouting in Australia.


CONSTRA Scouter is a game-changer for land scouting in Australia. It leverages drone footage to capture high-resolution images and videos of the land parcel. It then processes these data using advanced algorithms to generate accurate and detailed 3D models and maps of the site.

By leveraging drones, photogrammetry, and other visual intelligence technologies, CONSTRA Scouter offers a precise and efficient solution for land scouting. With the ability to capture 2D orthoimages and 3D visualizations of your site, it allows you to make informed buying decisions and create detailed construction plans in just a few days.

With CONSTRA Scouter, construction leaders in Australia can:

  • View land parcels in 3D, accurately overlay survey drawings, and master plans, and leverage a host of topographical and cadastral survey tools.
  • Simulate rainwater flow and flooding across their site at the land survey stage. Design drainage systems, check dams, and rainwater harvesting systems with confidence.
  • Perform volumetric analysis to estimate the amount of material to be excavated or filled.
  • Identify potential problem areas like low-lying regions, steep slopes, or water stagnation zones. Take preventive measures to avoid or mitigate them.
  • Generate ortho mosaic maps, contours, grid elevations, utilities, and other features as AutoCAD-compatible files.
  • Reduce survey time from weeks to days, survey costs by up to 50%, and survey errors by up to 90%.


CONSTRA Scouter Solutions

CONSTRA Scouter helps construction leaders by offering the following benefits:

  • Efficient and Precise: With CONSTRA Scouter, land surveys of any size are completed in just a few days, saving time and money compared to traditional methods. CONSTRA Scouter also offers computational tools for precise surface measurements, distance, area, and perimeter calculations.
  • Accurate visual representation: CONSTRA Scouter offers 3D visualizations of your site, allowing you to view your land from different angles and make informed decisions about its potential for development. The platform also provides high-definition videos with drone tracks for a comprehensive site view.
  • Cost-effective: CONSTRA Scouter is a cost-effective solution for land scouting, as it reduces the need for a large team of laborers and specialized equipment.

To illustrate the benefits of CONSTRA Scouter, let’s take the example of scouting multiple 20-hectare land parcels in Australia. According to our estimates, the traditional land scouting method at multiple locations would require a team of 10-15 professionals and take up to 3 weeks to complete, at a cost of approximately AUD 40,000-50,000.

In contrast, using CONSTRA Scouter, the same land parcels could be surveyed in just 3-4 days with a team of 2-3 operators, at a cost of approximately AUD 20,000-30,000, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

CONSTRA Scouter: The Future of Land Scouting in Australia

Land scouting in Australia is no longer limited by the constraints of traditional methods that are slow, expensive, and inaccurate. CONSTRA Scouter offers a revolutionary solution for land scouting in Australia, helping businesses, developers, and government bodies save time and money, make informed decisions, and create detailed construction plans.

With CONSTRA Scouter, construction leaders in Australia are now leveraging the power of visual intelligence to perform land scouting quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

If you are interested in learning more about CONSTRA Scouter, please contact us for a demo. We would love to hear from you! 😊

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