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CONSTRA Solar Solutions

CONSTRA Solar Solutions: Revolutionizing Project Management in the Solar Industry

The solar industry is rapidly growing, driven by the demand for clean and renewable energy sources. However, solar projects face numerous challenges, especially in terms of efficient project management.

CONSTRA, a leading provider of innovative solutions, has extended its expertise to the solar sector, offering groundbreaking solutions to address these challenges.

In this blog, we will explore the problems faced by the solar industry in project management and how CONSTRA’s solar solutions are transforming the landscape, benefiting solar developers and other stakeholders.

CONSTRA SolarChallenges in Solar Project Management:

Lack of Visuals:

Traditional project management methods often lack comprehensive visuals, making it difficult to make critical decisions during important phases like land scouting, site survey, commissioning, and CEA inspections, ultimately causing delays.

Manual Intensive Processes:

Manually maintaining complex documents and relying on outdated systems leads to lagging, crashing, and difficulty comprehending information for individuals other than the document author.

Inefficient Resource Allocation:

Improper planning and multitasking result in suboptimal resource utilization, leading to low employee morale and decreased project efficiency.

Snag Management:

The absence of a centralized database for quality non-conformances hampers project schedules, causing delays in contractor payments and overall project progress.

Duplicity of Efforts:

Inefficient data management leads to multiple people handling the same data in different ways, resulting in miscommunication and delays in obtaining accurate information.

Manual Errors:

Extensive reporting done in spreadsheets increases the likelihood of human errors, impacting decision-making and project outcomes.

Document Management Challenges:

Different departments referring to different versions of the same document can lead to errors, rework, and inefficiencies in project execution.

Non-Value-Added Work:

Cumulatively, these challenges contribute to a significantly high percentage of time devoted to non-value-added work, further delaying project completion.

Additional Challenges Faced by Solar Developers:

Tight Project Timelines: Rapid project delivery requires faster decision-making and efficient project management to meet deadlines.

Falling Margins: Aggressive bidding in the solar market puts pressure on profit margins, necessitating cost-effective project management strategies.

Rising Costs: Labor and raw material costs are on the rise, making it crucial for solar developers to optimize resources and reduce expenses.

CONSTRA Solar SolutionsCONSTRA Solar Solutions for Efficient Project Management:

CONSTRA Solar helps in addressing the above-mentioned problems by providing an advanced visual intelligence platform for conducting site surveys, remote monitoring, identifying any issues that might arise during the operation of the project, and providing comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of solar projects.

Here’s how CONSTRA’s solar solutions address the challenges faced by the industry:

Site Scouting & Survey:

CONSTRA leverages drones and photogrammetry, and other new-age technologies to create precise and meticulous land scouts for solar projects. It helps senior management conduct the technical feasibility of potential land parcels leading to quicker buying decisions.

CONSTRA also conducts efficient site surveys using visual intelligence, capturing 6+ layers of topographical data in every drone flight, identifying potential obstacles, and providing outputs for online visualization and analysis.

CONSTRA Solar Drone SurveyConstruction Monitoring:

CONSTRA Solar provides real-time visual monitoring of construction activities, enabling early identification of issues with visual snag management and ensuring projects stay on track and within schedule.

CONSTRA Solar Visual Progress ReporterVisual Snag Management:

CONSTRA for Solar automates the snag resolution workflow, ensuring that identified snags are assigned to the relevant stakeholders and tracked until closure. Automated notifications and reminders keep all parties informed, reducing the chances of overlooking or forgetting about snags.

CONSTRA Solar Snag ManagementDocument Management:

CONSTRA Solar offers a centralized database for documents, ensuring easy access, version control, and streamlined collaboration across different departments, reducing errors and rework.

CONSTRA Solar Smart Project Media GalleryVisual Decision Support:

CONSTRA Solar’s visual intelligence platform provides stakeholders with real-time visuals of the project, facilitating faster and more informed decision-making during critical phases.

CONSTRA Solar Site Tour Drone Video

CONSTRA Solar is a solution that can benefit solar developers and other stakeholders by helping them to save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency. By using CONSTRA Solar, solar developers, and other stakeholders can ensure that their solar projects are completed on time, within budget, and to a high standard.

Benefits of CONSTRA Solar Solutions for your Solar Project Management:

Real-Time Monitoring and Visualization:

CONSTRA Solar provides real-time visual monitoring of construction activities, enabling proactive issue identification and resolution. Stakeholders can visualize project progress, track milestones, and make data-driven decisions for better project control thus enhancing decision-making.

Improved Efficiency:

CONSTRA Solar solutions help project managers to eliminate duplicity of efforts, manual errors, and streamline solar project processes reducing delays, optimizing resource allocation, ensuring timely snag resolution, and overall project efficiency.

Increased Project Quality:

CONSTRA Solar’s advanced technologies, such as drones and photogrammetry, enable precise land scouting and site surveys, ensuring accurate project planning and minimizing risks. This results in higher quality standards throughout the project lifecycle.

Time Savings:

Real-time monitoring, visual decision support, and centralized document management reduce delays and accelerate project timelines.

Cost Reduction:

By streamlining workflows, and reducing manual-intensive processes, CONSTRA Solar helps solar developers achieve cost savings, enhancing profit margins.

Prompt snag identification and resolution prevent issues from escalating, reducing the need for rework and additional costs associated with delayed project timelines, therefore maximizing profitability for solar developers. 

Enhanced Collaboration:

CONSTRA Solar’s collaborative features and a centralized database enable seamless communication, reducing miscommunication and improving coordination among team members.

Efficient Document Management:

CONSTRA Solar’s centralized database for documents ensures easy access, version control, and streamlined collaboration. This eliminates document management challenges, reduces errors, and enhances project execution efficiency.


CONSTRA Solar Solutions offer a game-changing approach to project management in the solar industry. By addressing the industry’s challenges, such as duplicity of efforts, lack of visuals, manual-intensive processes, and document management issues, CONSTRA empowers solar developers and stakeholders with efficient, cost-effective, and technologically advanced solutions.

With CONSTRA’s solar solutions, the solar industry can overcome barriers, streamline operations, and accelerate the transition to clean and renewable solar energy, ultimately contributing to a sustainable future.

If you are interested in learning more about CONSTRA Solar, please contact us for a demo. We would love to hear from you! 😊

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