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CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis tool – for Urban Planning & Construction Management

Recent urban flooding events across the globe have led construction leaders, government officials, and other stakeholders in the real estate & construction industry to look for smart technological solutions that could help them mitigate water-related problems and prepare them for such future man-made and environmental wrath. For most real-estate developers, ad-hoc implementation of ineffective solutions, without any planning and using traditional methods such as stormwater management, building flood protection systems, flood-proofing the infrastructure, or installing flood warning systems are not fulfilling the needs that they had desired.

Different stakeholders in the construction industry are now realizing the need for various new-age technological tools that could assist them at every stage of project development. Moreover, the general public is also very much apprehensive about the construction project while purchasing a property and expects that the property has sufficient sustainable measures to tackle future problems related to water in and around the property.

Therefore, today’s construction leaders are now looking for new-age proptech innovations to help manage and build their projects in a smart and sustainable way, not only helping them in their planning & building stage but that could also help them in reducing their overall project cost.

CONSTRA, a visual intelligence platform, is helping such construction leaders in two ways to mitigate those risks:

  1. Planning ahead of construction, and 
  2. Conducting an analysis to assess impact severity and take precautionary action 

CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis 

CONSTRA Streamflow simulation & analysis in construction management is the process of analyzing and evaluating the flow of water within and around the land area you are looking to develop. This can include identifying bottlenecks and potential risks and issues that may impact your project, as well as developing contingency plans to mitigate those risks, and strategies to improve the overall flow of the project.

It is an important aspect of construction project management because it not only helps in careful land use planning but also helps to ensure that materials, information, and tasks are moving smoothly and efficiently through the project, which can help to reduce delays and improve project performance.

CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & AnalysisCONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis tool helps in the depiction of how water will flow in the area. The streams are depicted using two parameters: Width and Color darkness. Water will flow from lighter color and thinner width areas to the darker color and wider width areas. This functionality is useful in finding out the direction of water flow, which further can help in planning and developing on-site activities such as drainage systems, rainwater harvesting, check dams, etc.

How CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis Tool work?

CONSTRA Streamflow simulation & analysis tool involves using computer models to predict the flow of water in a stream or river.

  1. The first step in streamflow analysis is data collection which involves gathering information about the topography of the land (contour mapping), the characteristics of the water body, and surface runoff characteristics.
  2. By inputting this data, our tool creates a virtual model of the stream and predicts how it will behave under different conditions, and simulates how changes in these variables will affect downstream flow patterns over time.

Once this baseline has been established it allows engineers and planners to make informed decisions on where best place infrastructure like dams or bridges, rainwater harvesting systems, water drainage systems, stormwater management systems, flood protection systems, or flood warning systems, etc. could be built within their design parameters without negatively impacting existing ecosystems.

CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis
CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis Tool

Streamflow analysis is an essential part of the construction sector. It helps to identify potential risks and develop strategies for mitigating those risks. Streamflow analysis can be used to assess a variety of factors related to the construction project, such as water availability, flooding risk, erosion control measures, sediment transport dynamics and more.

How CONSTRA helped the Embassy Group with Streamflow Analysis?

One of the clients of CONSTRA, Embassy Group, used our streamflow simulation & analysis tool during their land survey in their project planning stage.

Even though the profile of the land was almost uniform throughout the 43-acre land, CONSTRA was able to assist the client to analyse the precise slope of the area to determine the direction of the flow of stagnant water out of the project site.

Despite having water bodies on the eastern and western parts of the site, the simulation of streamflow helped the client to plan the drainage system directed towards the southernmost part of the site.

Similarly, Real Estate developers, Government organizations, Environmentalists (NGOs), PMCs developing – Tech parks, Stadiums, Golf Courses, etc., and other partners in the construction sector have been using CONSTRA Streamflow Simulation & Analysis tool to build their projects with a thorough understanding of the flow of water within and around the area they are looking to develop and planning the construction by conducting an analysis to assess impact severity and taking precautionary actions.

10 Uses of CONSTRA StreamFlow Smilualtion and Analysis Tool in Construction Projects

10 Applications of CONSTRA StreamFlow Simulation & Analysis Tool in Construction Projects

Use Case of CONSTRA StreamFlow Simulation & Analysis Tool in Urban Planning & Construction Project Management


Overall, streamflow simulation is a valuable tool for the construction sector, as it allows engineers to accurately predict and plan for the impact of water on a project. By using CONSTRA streamflow simulation & analysis tool, construction companies can ensure that their projects are sustainable and have minimal impact on the environment and surrounding communities, while also ensuring that their projects do not face any water-related issues in the future.


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Over the past 3 years, CONSTRA has served over 108 clients across industries, with over 1 lakh acres of drone-based surveys and 20 crore square feet of construction sites monitored with drones and 360 cameras.

CONSTRA is a visual-intelligence platform that enables customers to extract insights from visual inputs to make analytics-driven decisions all along the planning, building, and managing stages of their projects.

Clients using CONSTRA are reducing up to 80% of site visits for their senior management, achieving up to 60% of progress & quality checks remotely, and reducing the overall costs of the project by up to 20%.


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