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CONSTRA’s new features to bolster the Visual Intelligence

CONSTRA’s new product upgrades facilitate nuanced workflows, better work inspection, route tracing of aerial visuals, and more.


As you may know, CONSTRA provides visual intelligence to construction leaders, helping them manage multiple projects – efficiently, and with ease. We recently launched new product feature updates that include a Work Inspection Request module, Data Capture of Unit Level Work Breakdown Structure, and Aerial Drone Video with route mapping. These new features are designed to help our clients and other construction companies improve their project management and increase efficiency in their construction projects.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these new features.

Work Inspection Request Module

Inspecting the work done is a tedious task for contractors, site supervisors, and project managers. And yet – it is a very crucial task. We made the entire process easier and more efficient. 

After the scope of work is defined, each of the minute tasks can be tracked and monitored through CONSTRA. Once the work commences, the contractors can request periodic task inspections. The platform processes the site photographs to create a continuous render of the job site for the inspectors and reviewers to evaluate. They can comment on the images, send feedback, or simply approve/close the task – if things are in order.  

Inspectors follow the custom checklist built for each activity for the correctness and mark their observations. Inspectors can fully or conditionally approve the request and send it to the next level of reviewers or reject and send it back to the originator.

Reviewers can check the audit performed by the inspector and also the review comments of the inspector to finally approve or reject and send it back to the originator.

Assignment history with date stamps of the request to the originator, inspector, and reviewers is displayed to see how the request has progressed and to see if the activity has any blockers and who is the responsible stakeholder.

This feature will help construction companies save time & resources, and increase accountability while also improving the overall quality of their projects.

This module is especially useful for construction companies facing problems with a lack of coordination between the work done and visual inspection of the site. It effectively handles multiple levels of approval and sign-off.

Data Capture of Unit-Level Work Breakdown Structure

The new data capture feature in WBS allows users to collect data at a more granular level (unit or apartment level). This feature enables construction companies to track and identify progress at a more granular level, providing them with greater visibility and control of their projects. With this information, they can make more informed decisions about resource allocation and scheduling, leading to improved project outcomes.

Earlier, in CONSTRA, data capture was done and progress was tracked at tower and floor levels. The new feature extends the capability to further track the activities at the unit/apartment level.

Aerial Drone Video with Route Mapping

The new Aerial Drone Video with Route mapping feature provides construction companies with a geo-located bird’s eye view of their projects. With this new update, when the drone video of a site is captured, the drone flight path is also visible on a base map. The users can watch the drone video along the flight path to view the site’s status or can jump to a point along the flight path to see the site visuals.

This feature is especially useful for large-scale projects, such as linear construction works (infrastructure works like roads, railways, metro, etc.), land scouting projects, and pipeline inspections where it can be challenging to get a complete view of the project site. This information can be used to identify issues, track progress, and communicate project updates with stakeholders.

As we continue to innovate and evolve CONSTRA, we greatly welcome constructive feedback along our journey. Let us know.


In case you are new to CONSTRA, here’s our Product Demo for you. 

If you’re an existing user of CONSTRA, log in here and explore the new features.

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